The Reason Why I Stopped Playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the best games ever created even with all the damn bugs this game has to offer. Like some of the gamer’s out there, I too was once very addicted to this game. I used to spend like 20+ hours playing this game almost all day. My addiction was so bad that I used to lock myself whole day in my room playing this game so that no one could disturb me, not even my mom.

Reasons Why I Loved Playing PUBG

  1. Like most of the engineering students who study in a “not so good” Engineering institutions, I too had a hell lot of time to waste. PUBG sure did help me in killing my free time.
  2. Unlike some other online games, I used the in-app communication facility to talk with my friends rather than ringing them up.
  3. It was a good platform for me to increase my friends base. PUBG sure did help me to find new friends.
  4. I enjoyed every kill and wins in this game so much.
  5. I very much enjoyed the satisfaction and the appreciation which I get from my teammates.

The above are some of the reasons which kept me addicted and also kept wanting me to play more.

Reasons Why I Stopped Playing PUBG

  1. I used to spend so much time in the game because of which I skipped my University exams.
  2. I didn’t know a damn thing about what’s happening outside as I was busy playing the game entire day.
  3. Because of all the anger and frustration which I get from this game, I always used to get angry with my mom and sister. I even started getting frustrated for all the petty issues.
  4. I absolutely didn’t have any social life.
  5. I used to spend money by making in-app purchases because I wanted to boast in front of my friends.
  6. Because of all the playing, I even had to encounter some health issues.

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